Memory Care

The New Marquette House Memory Care Unit is Here

Memory Care for Alzheimers - Wayne County

Our premier Memory Care Unit is a state recognized program that specializes in providing individualized treatment tailored to meet the needs of each Alzheimer’s care resident.

We are committed to stimulating and strengthening the minds, bodies and lives of those entrusted to our care using a variety of proven methodologies, including mild exercise, music therapy, social interaction, reading and other educational and recreational approaches.

In addition to our dedicated memory care programs, our trained staff of professionals provides a supportive and safe environment for our seniors and takes pride in offering a welcoming community that nurtures the spirit through compassion and respect for all senior residents.

Since the introduction of our new Memory Care Unit, our goal is to help families understand, cope and assist loved ones battling Alzheimers disease while offering a higher quality of life to everyone in our Alzheimer’s care facility.